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Welcome to the HAUS, a sanctuary for health and wellness. Our clean and minimalistic space is designed to provide you with a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Hair Art

First in the world, one of a kind. Create something uniquely yours. 


Dorene had been my essential hair stylist for 6years. She is really professional in styling and cutting my hair and even know my hair condition very well. A very big thumbs up for her concern and awesome customer service.
It was a wonderful experience in this salon, I felt very well looked after and enjoyed it very much. I got a hair treatment that strengthened my hair, making it shiny and strong. Very professional stylists who were gentle with my hair! Great salon, very highly recommended!
(Translated from German)


It’s not just a haircut but a holistic tranquil experience with an exceptional attention given to make you feel like a king. An expression of art in hair form. An unforgettable experience, I can’t go to anywhere else for a hair cut now.
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