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Redefining Art with Hair

The Concept

Tress & Curvy is re-defining art using hair. Brainchild of Colin Yeo, the art work named HairStroke was created using nouveau hair-friendly paint. Seeking to create, perform, respond and connect using hair, Colin Yeo meticulously combined creativity with genuine-ness, balanced with craft, technique, accountability and wellness. Using technology and methodology that brings out the best of every hair stroke, the art sought to capture vitality, youthfulness and freedom. Under a carefully curated and absolutely original creative process, Colin Yeo through Tress & Curvy provides for the best hair environment to forge this unique art form that is the first-in-the-world.


The Art Work

The Process

The Exhibit


The Pricings

$2,300 conceptualisationartwork, video-of-the-creation, frame stamp

$1,800 conceptualisation, artwork, frame & stamp

$1,300 conceptualisation & artwork

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